Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tie Dyed fabrics

We have very few whites in our house.  I sort of banned all whites when the kids were little--back when they would get stains on anything white within 60 seconds of putting it on (or at least it seemed).  I realized in those early years some of those stained shirts could be saved with a little dye.  Bingo a new colorful shirt! Anything white that somehow makes its way into our house despite the ban usually ends up in the tie dye pile waiting for a day like yesterday.
gradations of Jade Green and Royal Blue
Dharma Trading (where we buy dye) also sells a variety of fabrics that can be tie dyed. I purchased a bolt of Kona Cotton to dye and my daughter was in the mood to do some items too so off we went.
 Here are our results. Now that is what I call a happy clothesline!

I have been slowly making and accumulating these squares in hopes of one day soon putting them together into a quilt for myself. I think it would be neat to have a quilt that I did everything for (except weave the fabric of course)
I had a bunch of white hand towels that I purchased cheaply at Target that we dyed yesterday:
 and my favorite baby shower gift is to buy cloth diapers and tie dye them into colorful burp clothes. I try to keep some on hand since I don't dye more than a couple of times per year. Here is the batch we made yesterday.
Another successful and fun tie dye day!
I will have some fat quarters for sale at Quilters Crossing later this week if anyone is interested in purchasing some hand dyed fabric.

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  1. those are cool. I remember tie dying a long time ago. Dang you probably weren't even born yet when I tie dyed t-shirts. Love what you did!


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