Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Judy's Row-a-Month Quilt

Judy gave this lovely quilt top to me to quilt many months ago and patiently (oh so patiently!) waited for me to get it done! Thank you Judy for your patience and the opportunity to quilt it in whatever way moved me. It was lots of fun!
Here are all the rows in overall:
Snowmen for January- these will get little black gems for eyes:
Hearts for February ( you can see a peek of the kites for March below- I quilted that row to look like wind):
Kites were March and April had Bunnies with dimensional ears!
May flowers:
June Sailboats ( for some reason this row was my favorite):
 Judy is very active in making quilts for soldiers and their families so I went all out for the July blocks and did faux trapunto-- you can see the USA written in the white parts:
 August Watermelons:
 September Apples:
 Turkeys and corn for November:
 Santas for December- I am sure these guys will get some embellishment too!
Here is a shot of the borders: 
This one was fun- at least 10 colors of thread, wool batting and something different to do in every row- It will be hard to top in the fun department! Thanks Judy! I hope you and your family really enjoy it.