Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dallas Quilt Show-Inspiration!

This weekend my daughter had an Irish dance competition in Dallas and I got wind of a quilt show happening there as well so we made that part of our trip. Lots of inspiring pictures to follow none of which are quilts I had anything to do with but enjoyed looking at! Hope you will too!
 Quilting detail:
 Simple "lasagna" quilt but with rock star quilting!

 This is a Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern done with solids and Kafe Fassat fabrics! They are almost ALWAYS done with batiks so this was really a standout to me! And it looked great!

 Chevrons: well established trend right now! 
This horse quilt used a solid black background quilted with metallic thread to make those navajo designs with. I would have loved to see a before and after of the quilting on this quilt!
Close up of the quilting:
 The metallic on black quilting:
Use of value in this blue quilt was really neat!
This was a 5 person project where together they make a complete scene- on my bucket list, always wanted to try one of these!
 The horse in this one was made with a shiny sheer fabric overlayed and stitched down on the red base. Very cool idea.
The undulating quilting lines with variegated thread really give this quilt movement:

 Use of solid fabrics in quilts:

Solids with some crazy pieces pattern:
And Hexies were everywhere! It was great!:
 I recognized this as Julie Herman's pattern Science Fair- another on my bucket list!

This was a real eye catcher- it was a shame they couldn't show it full length:
 This quilt's name was VOLDEMORT because they owner said she could NOT think of a name that fit so it was the Quilt that shall not be names. Harry Potter fans will get the reference! She made it with all 3/4" pieces! It was pretty neat!
This quilt had some amazing ruler work quilting on it:
 All the curved cross hatching was so amazing!
 Needle turn applique on the birds and all the custom quilting- labor of love doesn't begin to cover it!