Sunday, November 25, 2012

Folk Angels

Last year I had the pleasure of quilting Denise's 
"Circle of Friends" block of the month quilt seen here: 
It won second place in the Tri-County Quilt Guild's show in the Kit/Block of the Month Category.
This year she gave me this quilt that I call the Folk Angels quilt. It is a lovely mix of patchwork (which is always near and dear to my heart) and Applique. 
Here are some before and after shots:
And here are some detail shots: 
 I used a different background texture on each of the angels backgrounds:

 Shots of the back of the quilt:

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Ironically as my children have gotten older they have gotten more into Halloween. Where when they were young (and I spent hours sewing their costumes!!) they would cry because their costumes were itchy or hot or not what they pictured--now, they create or buy their own costumes and are so much happier!
When they were little I stopped buying pumpkins because neither would clean them out to carve. This year they both requested them and happily (and masterfully) carved them out!
I thought we would be grown out of Halloween by now but I am happy to report we have only grown into it! They grow up so fast I am glad they are enjoying all the stages!