Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Linda's Heart Bargello

These are shots of Linda's queen size Heart Bargello quilt done in rich Civil war reproduction fabrics:
no idea what the white spot in the pic is? Something weird with my camera because  it isn't on the actual quilt.
 It had three borders:
 In the largest border, I did a winding feather all around which really looked lovely. I am still working on having amazing large feathers so this was a nice compromise:
 Still got my feather just on a smaller scale-- all this practice will pay off I think.
I used my rulers and gave the heart portion a chevron pattern across it. 
Thanks Linda for the opportunity to quilt this beauty!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Julie's Sneak Peek!

Julie asked me to quilt this little beauty before she left for her summer vacation in a state far cooler than the great state of Texas. She kindly gave me permission to post picks of it before she even gets to see it in person! ( it is on its way there by mail) So Julie here is your sneak peek. I hope you love it, it was fun to quilt!
 Here are shots of before I began- pretty autumn/sunset colors and lots of lovely metallics.
 I outlined each applique shape and then used rulers to make a secondary design around the appliques:
 Here you can see the secondary design starting to take shape but it needed more....
 So I filled in some of the shapes created to get this:
You can see it better on the back side, 
in this shot of a single square: 
more detail shots:
 borders from the back:
Look at the texture created!
 Wide shots of the front:
Wider shot of the back 
 It sort of reminded me of a cathedral window design. I used a lovely olive green So fine thread on this which seems to look fantastic on nearly every Asian fabric. It looked nice on the light teal backing too- giving some contrast but nothing too eye catching.

Thank you Julie for giving me a chance to quilt for you!
 I hope you love the quilt and enjoy it for years to come.