Saturday, May 26, 2012

My first T-shirt quilt

My daughters friend Austin graduated from high school today. I made him this t-shirt quilt over the last 2 months and actually had it finished to give him on his graduation day. If only all my projects were so timely!
It was an educational process. I have never had a lot of appreciation for T-shirt quilts in all honesty. I get the special, preservation of the memories and all but, they never really "moved" me so, in the making of this one I gained some respect for them and actually found I enjoyed some of the designing aspects much to my surprise.
It worked out well and I can see making another one for each of my children in the future.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the works this May...

I have been spending my "free" sewing time working on a T-Shirt quilt for a good friend of my daughter's, who is graduating from high school. He rounded up a good amount of tees but half are black and he really , REALLY wants dark green sashing between the blocks.  I am worried the whole quilt will be too dark so I have decided to put in a few patchwork and applique blocks in to brighten it.  

The receiver is a Violin player ( thus the music fabrics)

Challenging to "brighten" a quilt without making it girly!

I made these three blocks so far with the Lazy and Loving it! book by Joan Hawley. After two failed attempts at this block I broke down and read the excellent directions in the book and BAM! perfect block! Why didn't I do that the first time? 
Go figure huh? You can make this block finish at up to 18" using the Lazy angle ruler, this one finishes at 15 which is perfect for coordinating with some of my Tee shirt sizes.
Check out my Ed Emberley owls in the block above! ( some  have graduation caps on!)

I know these are a little childish but with the little caps on I couldn't resist. My hubby and I both noted that these owls look a lot like the ghosts in the old Pac-Man arcade game. Don't they???

I am planning on a block with the year on it for his graduation year but that will be machine appliqued on and he is Jewish and wears a necklace with the Hebrew character for life on it so I am thinking I might put that on a block as well.
Hopefully it will be enjoyed by the graduate in time for graduation!