Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh my gosh it's twins!

I had the pleasure of quilting two Christmas tree quilts recently for two sisters believe it or not! It was a block of the month for Sunflower Quilt shop in Houston. They had nearly identical quilts and both asked for custom quilting. 
Here they are side by side. 

Below are some detailed shots, starting with a before and after:

I started at the top of each tree like this:
Making it look a bit like pine needles and worked my way down making it look like each tree was standing in front of a sampler quilt of sorts. Here are some more detail shots:

 Top and bottoms of both had this row:

 I got to practice some feathers and ruler work.

These were some blocks in the quilt: 

Back shots, you can really see all the texture created with the quilting they both selected a very pretty metallic stonehenge fabric for the backing by Northcott:

 These were really fun to quilt because I could create a lot of stuff in all the negative space behind the tree which was a lot of fun. 
Thank you Bankie and Flo! I hope you enjoy embellishing them as much as I enjoyed quilting them!