Friday, July 6, 2012

Julie's Sneak Peek!

Julie asked me to quilt this little beauty before she left for her summer vacation in a state far cooler than the great state of Texas. She kindly gave me permission to post picks of it before she even gets to see it in person! ( it is on its way there by mail) So Julie here is your sneak peek. I hope you love it, it was fun to quilt!
 Here are shots of before I began- pretty autumn/sunset colors and lots of lovely metallics.
 I outlined each applique shape and then used rulers to make a secondary design around the appliques:
 Here you can see the secondary design starting to take shape but it needed more....
 So I filled in some of the shapes created to get this:
You can see it better on the back side, 
in this shot of a single square: 
more detail shots:
 borders from the back:
Look at the texture created!
 Wide shots of the front:
Wider shot of the back 
 It sort of reminded me of a cathedral window design. I used a lovely olive green So fine thread on this which seems to look fantastic on nearly every Asian fabric. It looked nice on the light teal backing too- giving some contrast but nothing too eye catching.

Thank you Julie for giving me a chance to quilt for you!
 I hope you love the quilt and enjoy it for years to come.

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