Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angela's Quilt

I had the pleasure of quilting this for Angela who is expecting her first grandchild in the fall! It was so soft and made even more lovely by the wool batting she chose for it.

It's a triple Irish Chain pattern with a beautiful combination of browns, pinks and greens with fun appliques in the open areas. There was lots of room for fun quilting.

She requested the baby's family surname be quilted subtly in the bottom border, I had never tried this type of thing before but I loved how it came out and I plan to try to play with this idea some more-- putting words in the quilting. 
In preparation for doing this quilt, I asked my longarm mentor/friend how I should do this and she gave me some wonderful Trace and Quilt paper to execute this name.  
After printing out the name in the font of my choice and the desired size I traced the name out on the paper and pinned it to the quilt where I wanted it to be and then stitch right through it. The paper is easily torn away after, leaving the stitches perfectly copied! Surprisingly easy and precise. Then I just filled in all around it to make it pop.
Angela picked up her quilt today and had BIG is going to be a boy so I can expect another quilt (boy themed) soon!  

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