Sunday, July 10, 2011


I was tired after working in the store most of the day I really wanted to start a customer's quilt that I have been thinking about lately. So despite being tired I thought, "Well I will just start it and see how it goes.... "
Ahhh.... bliss. It was great. 
I think all the planets were aligned or something.... 
My thread broke ONLY one time- a first in my longarming career, (usually I have several breaks being a newbie I just assume this is normal). My tension required only minimal tweaking and I was so focussed and enjoying the quilt and the process that I finished the whole thing! I wish every quilter this feeling.
It is midnight so it is too dark to take pictures but I will try to get some up soon. Meantime I think Tonks (my cat) wants me to stay in bed and I am not arguing with her. 
Night everyone!

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