Monday, July 11, 2011

Mosaic Madness

Last fall I took one of the two workshops our guild offered with guest speaker Cara Gulati.  We had a great time in class and I finished the top quickly but hadn't quilted it yet!
I finally finished it last night! It was great to snuggle under it while we re-watched Harry Potter movies in anticipation of the last movie coming out this week.
I found a fun variegated King Tut thread to quilt it AND,  having finally figured out that a little turn of the bobbin screw on my longarm when using King Tut equals perfect quilted up fun and quick- nothing fancy needed on this fun throw quilt. 
 I love brown so it was fun to use that as my background and find hot colors that glowed enough on it. I went for the 5 hot/4 cold nine patch configuration, very symetrical but it looked the best and I thought the varying brown backgrounds made it look less planned and more fun.
I found a Kaffe Fassat wavy stripe for the binding which was perfect. I love striped binding as a finishing touch.
Also I was super excited today that my mom's shop finally has Alexander Henry fabrics!! I have wanted some since we opened but  we have had so much going on it was hard to pursue.
 Finally we have some. 
I can't wait to make quilt out of this print:

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