Thursday, July 21, 2011

Humbugs by the dozen

I am getting ready to go on my annual quilting retreat with good friends. We all do little gifts for each other and of course I would like to make everyone something handmade.  Many of you know how this goes....things sneak up on you and before you know it time has run out.
I wanted to make these little Humbug bags designed by Quilting Woman:
I have used this pattern before and knew it was quick but making a dozen is still time consuming because each one is quilted.  Then I had an idea. If I made each one have the same lining I could do all the quilting at once on the longarm.  So I loaded the lining as the backing of a quilt and the batting. Then I placed each piece for the bags on top and basted around them.
Then I could quilt each one individually or go across 4 at once.  I grouped them by the color of thread I wanted to quilt them with. Row one seen above were all quilted with black thread, row 2 below was with gold thread etc...
Here are some shots of the quilting:

Here is what I ended up with when they were all quilted up:
 The lining side:
So these all got cut apart and trimmed down to the size needed for the bags according to the pattern:
Then I followed the pattern directions and got these:

Cute little bags for all my quilting buddies:
I can't wait to give them to everyone!

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  1. I loved my bag so much I had to get the pattern so I could make some more.
    These are so cuteQ


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