Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Trip Part One!

My daughter had an Irish dance competition in Orlando, Florida over the weekend and so it was easy to convince my husband and son to come with us for this one with the close proximity of all things Disney to our hotel! 
just to give you an idea of the size of this event- this is two of the four ballrooms where it is held
The dance team danced Saturday evening and won their category! Here is the whole team together with their teachers Maureen McTeggart Hall and Jennifer Hale.
There was a lot of nail biting and nervousness before they went on (and that was just the by the parents!) By the time they actually got on stage to perform I thought I was going to die from anxiety and nerves! But they just walked on stage as they had rehearsed and performed beautifully reducing all of us to happy tears! I was so very proud of them all. Thankful to and, proud of the older kids, who took on leadership roles and set the tone by example. Proud of the younger ones, like mine, who had large shoes to fill and hard work to do to learn their parts.
Mrs. Hall, their teacher, is over 80 years old and has been teaching Irish dance for 60 years! She was being honored the night of this competition making it all that more meaningful to represent her school at this event!
And of course I was very proud of my daughter for her athleticism, hard work, sportsmanship and team spirit. She truly loves this sport.  It has given her many opportunities but most important are the friendships she has made.

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  1. Mandy that is too awesome. Big congrats to Cheyenne. The stamina that it takes to do irish dancing is amazing. No doubt about it she's got what it takes.


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