Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip Part two!

After the dancing winded down we headed over to Universal Studios for some family time:

 Hands down my favorite areas were the Dr. Seuss stuff and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In these areas there was so much detail to absorb and enjoy that it was a feast for my nerdy little eyes! I have read all the Seuss books many times-- especially Green Eggs and Ham as it was my son's favorite for a long time. Here are some Seussland pics:
 Horton hatches the egg is my favorite story and Horton was well represented!

 They had a Merry-Go-Round which was more my speed than many of the other rides in the park and my kiddos even agreed to ride it with me!

Many of you know I have read, listened to and watched the Harry Potter series many times as well.
So walking up and seeing this, well, it made my heart skip a beat I have to say! 

The Owl Post 

 It looked like Hermione's Dress was floating in the window and the kitty cat was made of a tape measure!
 Winged boars as you approach Hogwarts!

Zonko's joke shop 

I saw these two Muggles in Zonko's shop!  

 loved this "mural"

 The butterbeer was sooo good. 
Though everyone needed a shave after drinking it.
I must figure out how to make it at home!

It was really neat to walk through Hogsmeade and I even made it through the ride through the castle though I did have to shut my eyes a few times due to dizziness! It was a great experience and it was brilliantly done. We really enjoyed it, if only it was real. Alas...
So home again now and back to quilting and getting ready for the holidays. More fun to come just in a more non magical setting!

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  1. Looks like fantastic fun! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves


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