Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fusing Batting strips

I received a free sample of this stuff in a bag from Pellon during the schoolhouse session Pellon hosted.

Here is what it looks like-

 It comes on this little roll--rough on one side (where the goo is- put this side down on your batting) and smooth on the other ( where you put your iron!) Don't mix these up!   :-)
You butt your two pieces of batting together and lay the tape down down the middle. Press with a WARM ( Medium heat-not super hot!) iron all the way down the pieces. I check it after a few minutes (once it is cooled down) to see if the glue attached well. 
Bingo! You have a useful piece of batting now!
The first time I tried this I had my iron on at full blast and I had a terrible time with this stuff. I only tried it again because several people I know swear by it and economically I would like to make use of these long pieces of batting I have leftover from quilts.  
Try number two with an iron only heated to its medium setting yielded  flawless performance for the fusible tape. 
Live and learn!

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