Monday, December 12, 2011

16 Reasons I love my Featherweight

I am making this dress as a shop sample using the Daisy Cottage fabric line brought to us by Riley Blake. The dress pattern is by Izzy and Ivy Designs.
I like this pattern because it has only two "patterny" pieces and all of the rest of the dress is strip pieced and rotary cut.  To me this equals less waste, less time (only two pattern pieces to pin down and scissor around), so less of a back ache as I usually lay out fabric and garment pattern on the floor.
I get all cut out and ready to go. The first directions are for preparing the ruffles which they require you to do a rolled hem on.
A what?
A Rolled Hem like this:
Reading on, the pattern says you can do this with your serger or check a tutorial online to do it with your domestic machine.
Okay I admit it, I have a serger but he and I aren't really good friends. The thought of getting him out and set up and finding thread for the loopers etc... left me pretty hang dog and ready to stop sewing for the night. I checked the online tutorial for rolled hem. It said I needed a foot I didn't have for my Bernina. Probably the foot costs $30+ anyway.
Then looking at the picture I realize I do have one of those rolled hem feet! For my featherweight. Sweet!
I pulled it out with the manual and after a couple of practice runs I have a decent rolled hem going. Whoopee!
Yes, the above shows all 16 ruffles for this dress with rolled hems on each side!!! Hopefully now that I have jumped that hurdle I will have a dress to show you later! Any one know a seven year old to model it for me?????
And that is why I LOVE my featherweight.


  1. That is a cute dress pattern! Can't wait to see what your's looks like finished. If you don't find a model let me know I might know a couple of little ladies that maybe I could ask to model.


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