Sunday, February 20, 2011

It is Clean!!!

After the cleaning!! See I really did it and it only took a week!
I weeded out a large box of stuff to donate to the Tri-county Quilt Guild's Emporium at the 2012 show. 
It gave me more space-- not enough but it helped!
 I rearranged a little too.

 On my design wall are the pieces for a One Fabric Quilt which uses a border print cut on the repeat into squares then put together to form a kind of kaleidescope looking quilt top. Unfortunately I haven't finished it and it is so easy to get the pieces mixed up I sort of have to leave them up there until I sew them together....
 Still too much fabric and too few shelves...I know they look crowded but they are neatly folded and organized.
My Siamese cat Tonks is nearly ever-present in my sewing room if I am in there. I try to get her to sit on a little cushion which is in sight of my work station but she is sort of needy and has to get up frequently for attention, you can see her there on the chair.


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