Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating a clean sewing room!

I treated myself to a little purse sewing to reward myself for cleaning my sewing room. I know I am a party animal...
I made two Kwik Little Klutches from the pattern by Two Kwik Quilters. 
Left purse made out of Northcott's Flirtation fabric from Quilters Crossing
The directions were challenging, I was lucky to have quite a bit of purse making experience or I might have given up.  They sort of lacked some of the basics- like telling you what your seam allowance for the project would be etc... I guessed since it was put out by quilters it would be a quarter inch and was right.
It might have helped if they had shown more pictures of a completed one from different angles too so I could see where they were going with some of the oddly worded directions. 
The good news is it is made from only 2 fat quarters, heavy weight interfacing ( not stablizer), a 12 inch zipper and a magnetic purse closure (+ basic sewing supplies). I embellished mine with a yo-yo, buttons and some bedazzles which my 14 year old daughter insisted that one of them needed.
made from Carnival Fabric from Quilters Crossing
These little klutches have 4 small pockets plus the purse body (one with a zipper!)  The zipper was very easy to put in which was a nice surprise- sometimes I am zipper challenged.  They are also completely finished inside and, if you do it right (like I did the second time!) you don't even have to hand stitch it closed when you turn it right side out- you can use your machine to close the opening.
I will see if there is interest at the shop for this being a class. I may also make another one but do some patchwork on the flap and see how it comes out, now that I know how the pattern works I think I can play with it more easily.


  1. I have a birthday coming up. hint hint.
    JK. Those are really cute. Carla


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