Friday, January 28, 2011

Fiber Art Book pages

The postcard pizzazz exchange group I belonged to proposed doing a year long exchange of fiber art book pages.  They were to be 5.5"x 6.5" in size and the themes and partners for the exchange would be different every month but in the end we'd all have 12 pages to ring together. Mixed media was encouraged. I chose not to bind or ring mine. I have them displayed in my sewing room:

Here are my pages that were sent to various other participants so I no longer have them:

Theme: Open--you had to make your own choice for the first one- I drew the chameleon (who has to make this choice regularly!) and then hand embroidered him on white fabric. Inked the word "...choices..." in and put various prairie points around him before binding.
 Theme: Secret Garden:
 I felted wool roving and then embellished it with beads and embroidery then layered all of that under the "stone wall" made of felt pieces and made a door that opens on a felt hinge.
 Theme: Black and White and one other color: I used the video tutorial that Diane Gilliand ( of did on folded fabric flowers, Kanzashi, embellished with buttons, thread painting and bedazzles.
Theme: Recycyling/Found Objects: I used a piece of a produce bag to weave various ribbons and trims in, a flattened bottle cap and I bound it with strips of screening.
Theme: Flowers/Spring. I am in Texas so Bluebonnets are big here in the spring. I used a printed picture of a bluebonnet, a torn piece of a gingham printed paper bag, vellum, yarn and metallic threads, fused hand dyed fabrics and tulle.
Theme: Scenic, I made a layered mountain scene using, tulle, fabrics, angelina, quilting and fusible applique
There were more..... but I didn't always take a picture. Shame on me.... It was very fun to have a new theme every month and to have to produce something every month- like the round robin this commitment forced me to do something creative every month in this case it was small but it could still be time consuming depending on how complicated I decided to make it. It was really good for me artistically to participate in this, I tried all kinds of new techniques and really enjoyed the playtime it gave me.

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