Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Postcard Inspiration

After the guild's workshop, quilted postcards kind of took off for our guild. My friend Susi formed a bee called "Made to Bee Cancelled" to work on them once a month.  I made a lot of postcards, they are quick and fun. I also found a few yahoo groups online that did swaps. A nice group for beginners was there are other groups but, some of them actually had "standard" systems where if someone complained about your postcard you could get kicked out. That was a little intimidating so I stuck with postcardpizzazz and while some postcards I received were not exceptional the people were nice and I got a wide variety of ideas and inspiration. They also did other exchanges like Dotee dolls and Fiber book pages ( but that is another entry)
Another place I got a lot of ideas from was my children's book collection.  I had a bunch of wooden dinosaur buttons that my mother had bought for me to make something with for my son but they never made it into a project or garment for him as a baby and at age 9 he wasn't so into dinosaurs anymore but I got an idea.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
My son had received this book Byron Barton as a baby. It was all simple shapes and bright colors and still lingering on our bookshelves, it was almost like a pattern to follow! Perfect inspiration. I took some artistic license and made these postcards which are some of my favorites. 
 (Yo-yo's, decorative stitches, buttons and metallic fabrics)
 (Buttons, decorative stitches, beads, metallic fabric, hand embroidery)
 (Beading, metallic fabric, buttons, couched yarn on the edges)
(metallic rick rack, yo-yo's beads, buttons, decorative stitches)
See Mom, I used those dinosaur buttons finally!
Postcards like trading cards are little works of art. Frame them, decorate your walls, send them to special friends, collect them.  Make them for holidays, swap them with a group. Lots of possibilities lots of fun.

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  1. Nicely done :o)
    Maybe someday when my creative juices get flowing I might try post cards again!
    Enjoy reading the blog!


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