Sunday, January 2, 2011

Round Robin Part four

The following two rounds proved to hold lessons as well...
For this quilt I received it here with one round left after me:
The colors were all autumn and warm. I had greatly looked forward to working on it however when it got to my round when I auditioned the warm bright colors against it I found it looked better with the creams where it stood in the design and this quilt had a very specific size it had to finish at as it was destined to adorn a certain spot on the owners wall I had to limit my addition.  I ended up adding light bricks around the checkered border and gold half square triangles to switch the colors back to warm. In retrospect I think that my light bricks were too wide, I made them the same size as the previous border but they should have been the size of the square widths in that border I think. As I said it was a learning process and overall I like the quilt I just wish I had seen that at the time....
Here is the picture of this quilt top completed:

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