Monday, January 3, 2011

Round Robin part 5

The last round was different than the others. The quilt was intended to be the owners "retreat" quilt for when she went overnight quilting camps with friends.  It needed to be twin size.  It started out as a 12" block on point of an appliqued purple Iris and had grown to this by the time I received it:
It was nearly at size and because of the scale of the previous designs it would have looked odd to have two small narrow borders at the end when it had the large garden border framed by the narrow pink and purple strips.  The person before me did the two sides with pieced blocks in various colors pulled from the inner "garden" scene created by one of the previous borders. That left me to finish it up with the top and bottom. I considered doing more pieced blocks to complete the round but in the end I decided to try something new- Hand Applique!
Here is the quilt completed with my hand applique flowers on the top and bottom of the quilt:
In this quilt the black on black roses in all the backgrounds really pulls everything together as does the pink and purple framing which appears twice - once around the initial block and again after the garden scene block. 

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  1. Holy Mackerel, Mandy!
    That is one terrific round robin. Your applique borders are perfect!



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