Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just for me!

I have always enjoyed making bags of almost any kind. 
Purses, totes, wallets, etc...
could not pass up an opportunity to embellish with rick rack!
 This is a little zippered bag I made, pattern by Atkinson Designs, called Zippy Strippy. It is Jellyroll friendly ( meaning it uses 2.5" strips in its construction) and has three size options included in the pattern. 
I made the largest size out of the fabric line Hometown by Moda. 
I wanted to try the pattern out now to see if it would be suitable for a "mass" production run of them later for Christmas gifts.  It was! It whipped up quickly. It was the perfect scratch for my itch to stitch and get something DONE just for me and just because you know?
One of my biggest pet peeves in making bags with zippers is getting all set to do the project and realizing I do not have the correct size zipper for the job.  
Does this happen to other people I wonder? 
Anyway, these Make-a-Zipper rolls are an answer to a prayer for me! I just measure out how long I need my zipper to be and I am all set. They come in several colors too ( the whole roll is one color though so you sort of have to commit to one color scheme if you are mass producing). 
They will be perfect for my mass production plans and I can make the bag in different sizes all using this same zipper roll. 
And now back to quilting! 

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  1. Well I hope I'm on your Christmas List. I love the one you made. So I'm guessing I can find the "make a zipper" roll at Quilter's Crossing. That's a cool little trick.
    Thanks for sharing.


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