Sunday, November 20, 2011

It always feels so good to get a bunch of check marks on my "To Do" list. Here are my weekend accomplishments!
 I was able to finish this quilt for Melanie. 
This is the second quilt of this type I have quilted for her.  She likes to use this wallhanging pattern for gifts.
Here are some detail shots:
wavy grid

echoing tears
peek at the back
I was also able to get another quilt quilted for the Tri-County Quilt Guild's "Quilts for Sale" booth:
 This quilt reminded me of the colors of Rainbow Sherbet.  
I found a variegated King Tut thread in all the same colors to quilt it with. Again I don't know who pieced and donated this little beauty to the guild but they did a great job and had a great eye for color.

On the non-quilting front I got a bit of cleaning done in my house and organized a bit in my sewing room as well. I also got a lot of sleep which had been eluding me lately. 
I am often jealous of how our four cats have the ability to sleep 20 hours a day.
Looking forward to a four day weekend with my family! Hope it is as productive as this weekend has been.

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  1. Your quilting continues to be fantastic! Glad you had some sewing time and some sleeping time!


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