Thursday, April 14, 2011

working on....

I am making another mug rug to swap out of these hexies. I made these hexies a while ago out of my own hand dyed fabrics. I found a variegated perle cotton in yellow, orange and blue  to quilt it with by hand.  It is sort of fun quilting with the perle cotton because it is supposed to show and your stitches should be even but big so you get the little pop of color with each stitch. It is fun and fast. I will post more pics of it completed later.
Other news: Got some time on my long arm. Found out it's a boy-- oh yes it is a boy.... still haven't named him yet.  We are still getting to know eachother. :-)


  1. Since I'm not a longarmer.... Just how do you know it's a boy? Or should I ask that.. hehe

  2. He misbehaves? Likes crawly, slimy things? What gives?

  3. Well he'd start out behaving well but then he'd get lazy and start messing up doing skipped stitches and things to see if I would notice. Then i would tell him to do something and he would just take his sweet time deciding when to start following my directions. I recognized immediately that it was a male. :-)

  4. It's a boy!
    I know ... you said "You skipped a stitch!" ... and he said "What stitch?" lol

    The mug rug is beautiful! I'd be afraid to put a coffee cup on it!


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