Thursday, April 14, 2011

all the extras you need!

So I am still on the longarm ownership learning curve as you well know...
Here are some items that I am finding out are really absolutely necessary for a Nolting longarm owner ( I am not sure about other longarm brands). My friend Diane pointed out that they could sell a companion tool kit with the machines - Love IT! Great idea!
Allen Wrenches -- (those weird little hexagonal wrenches for those who don't speak "craftsman").  My husband very sweetly went out and bought me a large set of Standard AND Metric Allen wrenches.  He was very pleased to be buying me tools so I received these very quickly! 
Now you might know that I still needed him to buy me ONE more that was not included in the sets (if you can believe that) and that was a 9/64ths size.  Why do you need both Standard and Metric? I don't know but you do, and for goodness sake don't forget the 9/64th's one!
 I also find myself needing several screwdrivers so this arrived today also courtesy of my ever supportive husband:
Also note he added at his discretion: a set of spring action pliers, an adjustable wrench, vice grips and a 16 foot tape measure. Many of which I would have never thought I would own!
Not pictured but something very important during set up was a nice long level.  Also not pictured is my very own tool box. 
All my long arming friends are adamant that I learn my machine inside and out so I am sure they are all nodding and smiling in approval at my progress now! Thank you all for your wisdom and support- I am gonna need it!
 And here is my ever supportive and sweet husband. Thank you honey!


  1. What a good hubby!!
    Your toolbox: is it pink with girly flowers all over it? I hope so - No man worth his testosterone would borrow it. I'm just sayin.'

  2. So have you decorated the tool box with fabric yet. I see you doing that.
    Sweet ;o)


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