Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jody's Quilt

This quilt had great, bright colors, lots of Kafe Fassat Fabrics and prints mixed with batiks. 
See, who says you can't mix batiks with prints????
It was a really great marriage of fabrics and a blast to quilt.
Here are some before, during and after shots:
 After the background feather and wavy spokes were added:
After the neon green was quilted with spirals mimicking the batik fabric design:
 Flying geese border before:
 Flying geese border after:
 I decided to create a design in the outer border that mimicked the dimensions of the triple 1" border in the picture above. The hardest part was getting the lines perfectly even and straight. Love my longarm rulers for that! 
Then I had to evenly space the zig zag so it came out whole and ended evenly at the corners. 
Each of the four sides of the quilt measured a little differently so some borders were tight and some I had to fudge by stretching out the zig zag. Overall your eye doesn't see the 1/8" differences dispersed here and there, spread out along the sides to make it come out even. This was obviously not Jody's first piecing job either, the differences were small making my job much easier!
 Then of course stitching the line (hopefully) perfectly because I was using contrasting thread, was a challenge but that green looked so great on the purple I couldn't resist!
 I used a white lead in my Sewline pencil to mark with and it wiped of easily with a damp cloth after I stitched my lines. 
 Then filling in the triangles with loops to emphasize the design:
Back of the quilt:
 Center Medallion, textured with pebbles and radiating lines emphasizing the center star design:
This quilt was really fun to work on. 
I got to use chartreuse green thread!
I looked and looked at this quilt and suddenly realized the main colors work so well together because they form a triangle on the color wheel! My color teacher Reeze  of Morning Glory Designs would be so proud! Just like primary colors red yellow and blue will always catch your eye when placed together so will the colors between them: orange, green and purple.  
Thank you Jody for letting me play with your quilt for a while, I sure enjoyed it!


  1. Love this quilt.
    I awarded you with a Liebster award from my blog to yours you can pick it up on my blog! Congrats.

  2. Wow the colors and the pattern are awesome. The you went in with the quilting that really made it pop. I love how you filled in the triangles. You really put some work into this one. Impressed as always.

  3. This is fantastic quilting! It really brings the quilt to life.

  4. I am so glad I trusted you with the quilting of my quilt! This quilt looks so finished now that it's been in your talented hands! Thank you, thank you!


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