Monday, March 12, 2012


1. Downton Abby- I apparently must see this, everyone is talking about this show on PBS and thinks I will love it so I am looking forward to it in my near future.

2. My daughter is getting geared up for the St. Patrick's day season when we drive all over Houston to perform at various places. It is a lot of fun and I never get tired of seeing her dance, which she truly loves.

3. Spring has Sprung here in Houston. Redbuds are out and Azaleas as well!

4.  Watched the latest Jane Eyre  movie and loved it. Made me want to read the book yet again and I still have this quilt idea sort of fermenting in my brain with Jane Eyre as the inspiration.

5. Cabbage my husband grew in our winter garden is ready! He made us cabbage soup and pork roast for dinner last night. Yummy.

6. Read the book A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Which was recommended by a friend and I enjoyed it a lot- also looking forward to its sequel in July.  If you like books on tape that format of this book is excellent, complete with accents for the British and French characters.

7. Waiting to see One for the Money movie on DVD. The movie is based on the book series by Janet Evanovich which I have read all of. Hope the movie is decent and doesn't ruin the books for me. 

8. Looking forward to my 16th wedding anniversary this month. Still really in love and feeling very lucky.

9.Finished the Hunger Games series and my daughter was happy we could FINALLY discuss the books and characters ( she devoured the books a month ago and has been waiting for me to finish them since).

10. Went with my daughter and my mom to see Riverdance for the first time. I think between seeing that and attending my Irish dance exercise class I can pretty much rule that out as a career in my future! LOL

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  1. Pam finished 2 hunger game books and working on the 3rd. She's passing the books on to me to read. In fact book 1 will be a book club book this week unless the person who picks changes her mind at the meeting Thursday.
    Love that picture of Cheyenne


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