Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Challenge Quilt

This began with all the colorful 9-patches that are made from 1.5" squares I cut from scraps from other projects.
I checker boarded them with some black on blacks and wah-lah. 
 I had lots of cool ideas for the challenge category but....
  the clock was a ticking! 
Need to plan ahead better for next time... 
or manage my time better.... 
or sleep less.... 
As a result this is not what I had originally planned on entering- much more simplified.
 Several beautiful quilts that I quilted for customers will be entered in  the show which I have posted previously
And I am proud at how gorgeous they all came out. 
 This is simple but, good work. Here are a couple shots of the back

I quilted it with one of the suggestions in the book One Line At a Time Quilting by Charlotte Warr Andersen. Lots of ruler work on the longarm but I really dig how perfect it makes every line come out. ( Revealing my inner OCD here I think)
Can't wait to go to the show and see all the quilts! So inspiring!


  1. WOW Mandy -- it might not be what you'd intended, but I think it's spectacular! I love the "X" designs on the blocks -- SO perfect -- and really love the tessellating hearts. GREAT job!

  2. Cool quilt. I like what the quilting looks like on the back. Nice! After last weeks guild guest speaker I started to count the blocks. LOL

  3. LOVE this!!
    The colors and the detailing. I want to be able to do this one day! Thanks for sharing and good luck.

  4. Thank you all for the comments and encouragement! I am still a work in progress- learning more as I go along.


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