Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend projects

I have a retreat coming up so I am kind of tossing ideas around as to what I am going to work on during that getaway!  I have many many unfinished projects so there is no shortage of possibilities.
And though I have lots of  unfinished projects that didn't stop me from starting a new project when these fabrics came in the shop this week from Riley Blake Fabrics. I scooped them up and quickly whipped this up:
I cut it all out at Free Sew on Friday night and then worked on it over the weekend so I am ready to audition borders for it tomorrow. I had never done a kaleidoscope block before and since I had heard such wonderful things about Marti Michele rulers and templates I thought I would give one a whirl for this projects so I used this guy:
The 45 degree end has the tip cut off ( at the top in the picture) and it made the centers of my blocks go together beautifully without bulkiness. I highly reccommend this ruler. It has two other edges useful for other blocks like spiderweb block, crossed canoes and more. Handy!
I also watched the new True Grit movie last night with my family. Beau Bridges did a great job and they stuck to the original story pretty well I thought ( which was great and well worth sticking to in my opinion!). While we watched the movie I laid out my next Ticker Tape block in Reds:
Tetris with fabrics! Totally addicting. This may win out as my retreat project. I can't wait to have them all done and see the finished project.


  1. Love the Riley Blake fabric quilt it's great! I wish I could go on a retreat sounds like fun!
    I'm hoping to see y'all on the 2nd. I've missed coming in to the shop but I had been so busy and then I got sick and it has been kicking me in the butt :(
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Christine! I finally figured out what I am doing for the borders so I will post that when I get them done. I am sorry you were sick and all that when starting a new job too! Stress! Hope you are over the bad stuff and things smooth out. See you soon!

  3. Love how you're getting these done!

  4. Love the look of everything you're doing


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