Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twister Finish

So I decided to try to make a Twister Quilt for one of the assistant dance teachers at my daughter's dance school who is having her second baby in November.  You can do a twister with a "layer cake" in other words, a stack of 10"x10" squares. I cut my own but, if you are lucky enough to find a Layer cake with the fabrics you want it saves you a couple hours of cutting.
I layed them out randomly and then tweaked to make sure the colors/prints and solids were all sort of balanced and ended up with this layout.
Then as the directions on the tool instruct I put a border all around the squares. I know... it doesn't look like much right now.
The magic happens when you start cutting the piece up with this tool. You match up the lines on the template with the seam lines in your grid of fabric squares.
You end up with some waste but....
when you put them back together you get this cool surprise effect:
It really went together quickly so I put a border outside my twisters, quilted it and bound it in time for Caitlyn's baby shower today! 
Plenty big enough for baby Joshua to roll around on with his big brother Jesse!


  1. I love this quilt!! I just got one of these tumblers as well!! YIPPEE!

  2. Kama- I really liked this technique,I think I am going to get a Lil' Twister too so I can put some little ones in a quilt for the borders etc....


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