Thursday, May 5, 2011


 I have had a lot of customers quilts to complete thus, I have not diligently blogged.  This little quilt has absolutely beautiful hand embroidery on it. The customer wanted a tight stipple in the background to really spotlight her embroidery.  The background was almost a linen perhaps? We were trying to figure it out.  It was lovely fabric though...The sashing just has some simple repeating lines framing each piece. Her work was really excellent and I endeavored to have the quilting compliment that as much as I possibly could. 
 It came out beautifully and she was very pleased as well.
Really her stitching was beautiful!
I have also been playing with these fabrics....
 Not my typical choices but a friend of mine had a baby girl in April and I wanted to make her a quilt.  Obviously it is not complete yet but I have hope for it.  I have really loved this fabric line at the shop so I just gave in and decided to play with it. I will post more pics when I get it more together.
I love to play with stripes in a pinwheel block. 

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