Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who is Bobbidink?

Maybe now is a good time to explain the whole "Bobbidink" thing? My paternal grandmother was born Barbara Dinkel Wiley. She shared her first name with her aunt so they called her by a nick name "Bobbi-dink". 
The funny part is she hated her middle name and so when she graduated from college she told them her middle name was McMillan (another family name) knowing they would announce her full name at the ceremony.  Her father was very surprised and unhappy having heard his daughters "new" name only as they announced it at her commencement ceremony. She said she could feel his eyes staring at her all the way across the stage, knowing what she had done. 
When I was a teenager my grandfather, her husband of over 40 years at that point discovered this name change over dinner one summer evening with the whole family present. He was simply shocked and affectionately called her Dinky for the rest of the meal.
Why I chose Bobbidink: My grandmother was a lifelong learner, always active, curious and positive all qualities I strive for in my own life. She was always encouraging us in anything that interested us. She loved to dabble in art in all forms, writing, painting, quilting, dance and her own personal favorite -pottery. 
These are some pieces she made with her own hands that I am lucky enough to have. 
 She passed away a couple of years ago. I have her buttons and I keep them in the boxes she gave them in and I try not to open them very often because they still smell like her house and I know one day they won't.
So that is where the name Bobbidink came from!
My little company Bobbidink Designs can officially begin now... because a key piece of equipment (my longarm) has arrived!
Hubby and son unstrapping it from the trailer. 
More pictures to follow! When I get her up and running! 


  1. What a sweet story, thinks for sharing. I had been wondering where the name came from. Congrats on your new long arm that is awesome!!!

  2. Congratulations! Loved the story of your inspiring Grandmother. : ).

  3. Love the story. Thanks for sharing


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