Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mug Rug Tutorial

Mug rugs are all over the internet right now.
 I just had to make one! 
I started with a 5"square which I will be using as a foundation for my selvage strips.
I weeded through my pile-o-selvages.
And found 8-10 that are sort of the same color family so they'll look like a spool of the same color thread in the end. I chose yellow here so I also chose to use yellow thread since it will show:
To make your spool: Lay a selvage strip at the bottom of your square and top stitch it down along the bottom edge. 
Lay another selvage strip on and overlap it with the top of the first strip and topstitch it down along its bottom edge as well.
Continue laying strips on, always overlapping with the last strip sewn, and stitch them down. Your edges will be goofy but you'll square them up later. Stop when you fill your square with strips as shown.
Trim your block down to (wide) 4" x 5" (tall).

Add background strips to each 5" side by sewing 1" strips on.
Next add the top and bottom of the spool with 1.25" strips of brown.
And here the little spool!
(***The block colors will now dramatically change, this is due to the fact that I did not take photos when I did the first spools because I hadn't made them before and wasn't sure if they would turn out. I went back and remade one in yellow so I could show you a full tutorial!*****)
For my mug rug I made two spool blocks and turned one sideways. I added an extra strip of background above the sideways one for the word to be embroidered on. I also attached a narrow 1" strip between the two spools just so you could see each spool a little clearer.
After I embroidered "Spools" on it my mug rug top was done and ready to be quilted!
 I wanted to have the option of hanging my mug rug so I added these super easy hanging corners. To make them start with two 3.5" squares of fabric:

Press them diagonally wrong side in.
Pin them to the upper back corners of the mug rug.
Baste in place.

Next I made and sewed on the binding just as I would with any quilt:
And when I turn the binding over to the back I hand stitch it in place just as always pulling the binding edge over the triangle edges and basting stitches, then I can just slide a chop stick in the little pockets created there.
And hang it on the wall!
In my new sewing room where else? Pictures of that will have to wait though!
I hope this inspires some mug rug making out there. I am kind of in love with this one now so I will have to make another to swap at the shop!


  1. Wow! I'm learning every day! When you said mug rug - I assumed it was a little cloth coaster for your coffee/tea cup. This is pretty neat - very art quilty. I'm going to have to start saving all the selvages because I've been tossing the short ones :o/
    Really enjoy your blog!

  2. Well, that is cute!!! And using up things that we normally throw out, makes it - to me - even more fun!!! I think selvages used for this type of thing, makes them even cuter than they would be using 'normal' fabrics!!! Great Job!!

  3. These are cute. Did you use regular batting?

  4. @Brenda- Me too! I like to find funky ways to use them and I love when I find a funky selvage- I found some that use little birds instead of dots for the ink colors on the edge! So cool!
    @ Carla-Yup! It is regular batting actually cut off from when I quilted a large quilt- it was leftovers.

    Hope to see lots of them in the shop soon!

  5. Great tutorial! I always felt there was something these selvage could be useful. Will have to start saving these again.


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