Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My favorite age

My daughter is 17 now, learning to drive, teaching Irish dance, touring colleges, thinking about careers. She has a great sense of humor, a level head and in my opinion is pretty darn great!

My son is now 14, wearing a suit in and out of the pool! Dancing with girls, making great friends and developing into a really wonderfully fun and clever person.

Life is flying by so fast with these two it takes my breath away!
When the kids were young, the moms in our first homeschooling group would gather and often we'd talk about what our favorite parts about being a mom and things like that. I remember also discussing what your favorite age was-- meaning what was the most fun age for your kids to be, for you as a mom. Hopefully you know what I mean here. I could never answer other than I liked all the ages, while all the other moms had very specific ages like 3 or 7! All the ages were fun, seeing how they learned new things, became more capable and responsible etc...I had no strong pull towards one age UNTIL, the teen years. I have to say I NOW know what they meant, I really love having teenagers. They are sooo much fun! This is definitely my favorite age.
So lucky! So happy! Trying to keep up with them!

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