Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terrain Quilt Finish

 Okay I haven't liked a quilt this much in a long time....
This is made from one Terrain Layer cake (moda fabric) and a yard or so of Bella white pfd (also moda). I used the pattern from the moda bake shop website but I altered the border and used the leftover 2.5" pieces of the layer cake and made a piano key border on the top and bottom instead of just putting on a one piece fabric border as the pattern suggested.
I even used wool batting to treat myself!
The quilting on this quilt is a design from this book by Suzanne Earley. You make a few huge meandering line across the quilt in several places and then you go back and fill in the sides with curlies in sort of feather fashion.
 You can kind of see the spine in this lower picture and the curls coming off of it going up and down.
The technique was not as hard as I had feared.  At first I kind of hyper obsessed about each curl - was that one too curly? Was this one too oval? too long too short? Anyway...
After a row or two I realized it was really the overall effect that you notice with this design not the characteristics of each curl! Then I started to really enjoy the quilting and I will definitely do it again. Maybe I will get even braver and try it with feathers? It could happen.

 For now, the quilt will reside at Quilters Crossing for a while where we have some kits made up and it will serve as an example, then it will be all mine! <3


  1. Cool quilt. Very pretty quilting.

  2. Nice work, Mandy! Love the Meandering Magic!

  3. Congratulations on this quilt so beautiful
    I hope yours visit to my blog
    and to begin a beautiful friendship blogger.
    Kisses from Southern Spain.

  4. Mandy this is a lovely quilt. I see why you love it so and you have done a lovely job on the quilting.


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