Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't laugh....

(in no particular order) 
This week I am happy about:
1. I found good nectarines at Kroger! They weren't mealy and they weren't rocks. Just perfect, fragrant and juicy. I have been eating two a day because I know they won't last and they are my favorite fruit!

2.  I finished three customer quilts so far this week and am sending them home to their talented owners! Feels great!

3. I have still have one more year before my daughter starts learning to drive, I know it won't be long after that until she is off living her own life.

4. Coming home to yummy dinner smells issuing from my crockpot that I forgot I turned on that morning-- blissfully nice surprise!

5. My husband has two weeks of vacation coming up. *love*

6. Part of that vacation will be spent here:
7. Listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book on tape while I quilt. I read the whole series years ago but I am really enjoying falling into the magical world again.
8. My son, who now has feet bigger than mine- soon he'll be taller than me too and he can reach things for me.

9. New fabric at the store I am crushing on and will have to make something out of for a friend who is having a baby boy! I am attempting the Twister technique. Pictures soon to follow.

10. "The Farmer's Wife"blocks that are all over the quilting blogosphere right now all from this book. 

What is it about patchwork? It is just so cute! 
Hope you are all having a fantastic week too.


  1. Another good lesson I can learn from you -- count my blessings. Great post!

  2. Simple things in life can make us happy!
    Boxes do not make me happy now. Brown boxes are bad for my health. ;o)


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