Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ring around the Rosie!

The last two quilts I have done for customers both happened to be versions of the perennial favorite pattern: "Double Wedding Ring"
 First up is Martha's traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilt. She used a lot of beautiful scraps in this quilt. I first had to go through and Stitch-in-the-Ditch all the white areas.
 Here's a little before and after action once I added the motif in the open areas:
This motif is a very traditional treatment for a Double Wedding Ring design, and could be done with simply marking the North, South, East, West lines and the two diagonals as reference points and then free motioning the design in with one fluid pattern (no stops and starts).
 Martha's Quilt will have a curve edge which will need a bias binding. Beautiful quilt- many many people come into the shop wanting to learn to quilt because they have fallen in love with this pattern!
 Next I quilted the "Metro Rings" quilt for Dolores:
 Very similar to the Double Wedding ring but made with strip piecing and instead of a four patch created where all the rings meet the Metro Ring quilt has a Quarter Square Triangle in the centers:
 Again I started with SITD and then added the motif:
 Dolores wanted something with some movement in the center areas so I did a little sketching and came up with this design:
 Part of the design was to echo the curves about a 1/2" inside the SITD line. This really popped the design. You see that crisp white framing everything and texture everywhere else. This quilt also has a layer or 80/20 batting below a layer of wool batting to really poof the texture effect.

 Thanks to Martha and Dolores for trusting these two beauties to me for quilting! It is always so inspiring to my own quilting to have these opportunties! Maybe I have a version of the Double Wedding Ring quilt in my future??

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